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Popular Wide Plank Hardwoods

9 Hot Wide Plank Floors for your Fort Worth Home

Fort Worth homeowners and builders are bursting with pride over their stunning hardwood wide plank floors. Industry insiders, builders and homeowners in Fort Worth agree that the most impressive characteristic of wide plank floors is the accent on the wood’s natural beauty. But, strong demand in Fort Worth suggests the attraction runs deeper than pure aesthetics.

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Fort Worth Wainscoting

Wainscoting Is Not Beadboard

In Fort Worth and throughout Texas, homeowners and business owners are turning to wainscoting or the more cost-effective cousin, beadboard, to give rooms a distinctive look and feel. Yet, there remains confusion about the difference between the two cousins, beadboard and wainscoting. Let’s be clear; wainscoting is not breadboard but both finishes are extremely popular in Fort Worth and Texas.

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Fort Worth

Why Hardwood Floors Are Great For Fort Worth Homes

Fort Worth homeowners, business owners, builders and renovators love their hardwood floors and related hardwood products. The recent surge in demand is evident in Fort Worth living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, kitchens and offices. Today, every new home and most existing Fort Worth homes along with upscale offices feature hardwood products.  Continue reading “Why Hardwood Floors Are Great For Fort Worth Homes”

Hardwood Floor Installation

How to Choose Your Hardwood Floor Installer

You did your homework and picked the perfect hardwood floor investment. Now, it is time to protect that investment and maximize the return on hardwood’s amazing durability and long life by choosing the right hardwood floor installer.

If you want to protect your investment, the importance of choosing the best hardwood floor installer cannot be taken lightly. If you are selective, know what to expect, ask the right questions and get everything in writing, you have a winning formula. Follow this guide to choose the right hardwood floor installer.  Continue reading “How to Choose Your Hardwood Floor Installer”

Wide Plank Hardwood Floors

Wide Plank Hardwood Floors: Old Meets New

The term wide plank hardwood flooring may seem odd and inexact but those may be just the qualities that are driving the huge rise in demand for wide planks that can range from 5 inches in width to 8 inches or more. The only thing uniform about true wide plank hardwood is the quality! After that, let your imagination be your guide and explore the vast possibilities.  Continue reading “Wide Plank Hardwood Floors: Old Meets New”

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

The Importance of Reclaimed Wood Flooring

The wood that built the Southwest is in demand as reclaimed wood flooring, antique paneling, or antique beams.

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Hardwood vs Laminate Flooring

6 Factors to consider when picking Laminate vs Hardwood Flooring

The amazing advancements in laminate and hardwood flooring make the decision between laminate and hardwood flooring more challenging than ever. Technological and structural improvements in laminate flooring and in factory-finished solid hardwood floors have led to increased demand for both types. Meanwhile, the manufacturing improvements have reignited the debate between these two stellar flooring solutions.  Continue reading “6 Factors to consider when picking Laminate vs Hardwood Flooring”