Hardwood Installation - Hand Scraped

Hand Scraped Hardwood Floor Installation

Our team recently removed carpet and installed 3 1/4 Red Oak hardwood flooring into a beautiful home. The carpet was removed due to one of the family members having an allergy to the allergens that collect in carpet. Once the hardwoods were installed, our team did a nice stain and hand scrap on the new floors for the final touches. Continue reading “Hand Scraped Hardwood Floor Installation”

Site Finished vs. Pre-Finished Hardwoods

Pros And Cons: Prefinished vs. Site Finished Hardwood

If you have shopped for hardwood floors, you have probably debated the pros and cons of pre-finished hardwood floors vs. site finished hardwood floors. It’s a legitimate debate. Both types of hardwood floors have merit so the real question is which solution is better for your site and which meets your personal preferences.  Continue reading “Pros And Cons: Prefinished vs. Site Finished Hardwood”

Paint Hardwood Risers

Painting Your Hardwood Stair Risers

In Dallas – Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, a popular trend is for homeowners and businesses with new or recently refinished hardwood floors and stairs to paint the stair risers. Many homeowners feel this is a painless expense and a practical improvement with benefits.

Distinctive hardwood stairs say a lot about a property’s quality and painted risers can make a lasting impression and actually emphasize the quality and natural beauty of the stairs better than solid hardwood risers. Homeowners and business owners primarily choose to paint risers for aesthetic reasons but regardless of the type of wood used for the stair, the painting process remains the same.

White risers tend to highlight the natural wood stairs but also make the staircase and surrounding walls look more spacious. Whether you choose to paint the risers yourself or opt to hire a contractor, be sure these steps are followed for best results.
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Bamboo Hardwood Installation

Bamboo Floor Installation in a Fort Worth Home

Installing bamboo flooring and bamboo stairs makes sense because bamboo has eye appeal, is extremely durable and is a renewable resource that homeowners and business owners around Fort Worth really enjoy. At Hardwood Floors Fort Worth, our bamboo floor installers take great pride in our detailed, precise and safety first workmanship. Here’s how we install bamboo stairs our clients are proud to display and use.  Continue reading “Bamboo Floor Installation in a Fort Worth Home”

Remove Hardwood Stains

How to Remove Smells and Stains from Hardwood Floors

If you have pets and have invested in solid hardwood floors, it is imperative that you be prepared to remove urine smells, residue and stains from your heady investment. Even if your pet is thoroughly housebroken, accidents happen and usually it is when the homeowner is not present which makes the likelihood of staining more likely.  Continue reading “How to Remove Smells and Stains from Hardwood Floors”

Fort Worth Hardwood Flooring Installation

How To Find The Best Wood Flooring Installation Expert In Fort Worth

Now that you have made the decision to invest in a hardwood or engineered floor of your choice, the most important step is to find the best wood floor installation expert in Fort Worth. Before you start combing the internet or asking for a reference from your neighbors or hardwood floor supplier, you can better understand the task at hand if you understand the challenges your hardwood floor installer must solve.

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Hardwood Refinishing Cost in Fort Worth

Hardwood Floor Refinishing cost in Fort Worth

Hardwood floor refinishers in Fort Worth report that professionally treated wood floors should last between 10 and 20 years before the next refinishing. But, as with other home improvements, buyer beware; not all wood floor refinishers work the same way or use the same refinishing products. 

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Popular Wide Plank Hardwoods

9 Hot Wide Plank Floors for your Fort Worth Home

Fort Worth homeowners and builders are bursting with pride over their stunning hardwood wide plank floors. Industry insiders, builders and homeowners in Fort Worth agree that the most impressive characteristic of wide plank floors is the accent on the wood’s natural beauty. But, strong demand in Fort Worth suggests the attraction runs deeper than pure aesthetics.

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Fort Worth Engineered Hardwood Floors

7 Reasons Engineered Wood Floors Sell In Fort Worth

Fort Worth loves hardwood floors but there is an undeniable trend toward engineered wood floors. You read that right; many builders, renovators, homeowners, business owners and designers are opting for new and improved engineered wood floors over their solid hardwood and solid wide plank floor cousins.

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Fort Worth Wainscoting

Wainscoting Is Not Beadboard

In Fort Worth and throughout Texas, homeowners and business owners are turning to wainscoting or the more cost-effective cousin, beadboard, to give rooms a distinctive look and feel. Yet, there remains confusion about the difference between the two cousins, beadboard and wainscoting. Let’s be clear; wainscoting is not breadboard but both finishes are extremely popular in Fort Worth and Texas.

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