Wide Plank Hardwood Floors

Wide Plank Hardwood Floors: Old Meets New

The term wide plank hardwood flooring may seem odd and inexact but those may be just the qualities that are driving the huge rise in demand for wide planks that can range from 5 inches in width to 8 inches or more. The only thing uniform about true wide plank hardwood is the quality! After that, let your imagination be your guide and explore the vast possibilities.  Continue reading “Wide Plank Hardwood Floors: Old Meets New”

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

The Importance of Reclaimed Wood Flooring

The wood that built the Southwest is in demand as reclaimed wood flooring, antique paneling, or antique beams.

That’s right; high end homebuilders, architects, individual homeowners, restauranteurs, movie set designers, commercial property developers and interior designers around the US treasure antique reclaimed wood. And, well they should. Continue reading “The Importance of Reclaimed Wood Flooring”

Hardwood vs Laminate Flooring

6 Factors to consider when picking Laminate vs Hardwood Flooring

The amazing advancements in laminate and hardwood flooring make the decision between laminate and hardwood flooring more challenging than ever. Technological and structural improvements in laminate flooring and in factory-finished solid hardwood floors have led to increased demand for both types. Meanwhile, the manufacturing improvements have reignited the debate between these two stellar flooring solutions.  Continue reading “6 Factors to consider when picking Laminate vs Hardwood Flooring”