Advantages of Hardwood Floors

At Hardwood Floors Forth Worth, we believe hardwood is the healthiest, most durable product with the best value on the residential and commercial flooring marketplace. We are proud of our place in the industry and always seek new trends and products related to hardwood flooring. As we see it, the advantages of hardwood flooring can be categorized in four ways; aesthetic appeal, environmental benefits, structural characteristics and value. Let’s take a look at all four.

Aesthetics – Hardwood floors have a timeless durability with surprising flexibility. Whether used to ensure continuity or to highlight a specific room, there is a hardwood solution for every design.

There are many natural hardwood, exotic hardwood, softwood, hand-scraped and engineered wood floors that can be used to make every home or office distinctive. Let our Customer Care professionals help you decide between prefinished or site-finished hardwood. Contact us to arrange an informational meeting

The aesthetic appeal of hardwood floors is buoyed by a choice of wide or single width planks, quirky knots and blemishes and a wide range of stains and colors.

Today, we proudly offer hardwood solutions for radiant floors, concrete and more. If you believe, as we do, that floors make the room, our customer care staff will work with you to develop the healthy, durable and rich natural look that only hardwood can accomplish.

Over time, the popularity of hardwood flooring has brought more species to the market. Because every wood offers unique colors and grains, there is much to learn before finalizing your flooring decision. Let our knowledgeable staff help you learn about the ideal hardwood floor for your home or business.

Environmental – Products from Hardwood Floors Fort Worth score remarkably well with environmentalists. This is not an empty claim. In the US, there are more than 60 million persons suffering from Asthma. In an independent study, Harris Interactive found that most American homeowners believe wood floors are a major contributor to the indoor air quality of the residence.

A Life Cycle Analysis from the University of Wisconsin found that hardwood compared extremely favorably to four other surfaces in terms of environmental impact on the atmosphere.  Levels of  four environmentally dangerous toxins do not exist in hardwood floors:

  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Methane
  • Nitrogen Oxide
  • Particulate Matter

The study also revealed that easy-to-clean hardwood flooring does not “harbor allergens, microorganisms or pesticides.” Furthermore, dust, mold and animal dander does not accumulate on hardwood surfaces, making the home or office air healthier.

  • Energy Efficient to Produce – The only energy required to finish hardwood is for the operation of the kiln and for a sawblade. That’s known as energy efficient.
  • Water Conservation – Hardwood Floors Fort Worth supports manufacturers who are responsible re-foresters. Responsible forest management creates a healthy eco-system of seedlings and saplings that typically release healthy quantities of water for at least ten years following timber harvesting.
  • Carbon Neutral – Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and use the carbon to grow roots and release the oxygen back into the air. Sustainable re-foresting cleans the air of greenhouse gases and purifies water for wildlife and municipal consumption.
  • RecycleSolid hardwood floors are as durable as a natural floor can be. Many hardwood floors have lasted more than 100 years. The original luster can be restored by a simple refinishing. At the end of its life, hardwood floors are invariably repurposed for things like furniture or burned as fuel or returned to the earth where wood decays naturally.
  • FSC Certification – For consumers who want proof, Hardwood Floors Fort Worth offers a range of wood floors that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This designation guarantees that the wood was harvested in a sustainable manner.

Structural – Hardwoods, softwoods, hand-crafted and engineered hardwood flooring products have subtle but distinct differences that every consumer should understand in order to make informed decisions. Whatever your design, there is a wood floor to help achieve your goal.

Hardwood is derived from angiosperm trees that feature enclosed seeds. Many times these trees are referred to as “flowering trees.” Ash, aspen, balsa, birch, cherry, elm, maple, oak, mahogany and walnut are popular examples of hardwoods. There are many more. Hardwoods are notorious for the pore variance that allows water and nutrients to travel from the roots through the tree. This is one reason hardwoods are so distinctive.

Softwoods tend to feature straighter tubes instead of pores that not only feed the tree but also add strength to the stem. Softwoods are derived from gymnosperm trees or trees with uncovered seeds. Cedar, pine and spruce are prime examples of softwoods.

Hardwood can tolerate heavy traffic and last longer than softwoods and hence are a bit more expensive. Durability and life expectancy might factor into your decision. Our Customer Care professionals can help make sure you receive the best value for your hardwood floor investment.

Value – For all the above reasons, wood flooring will increase the value of your home or office. It will also make it easier to clean and give the property a rich, distinctive flair that no other flooring solution can yield. Our Customer Care staff understand the importance of this investment. The combination of good customer service and Hard Wood Floors Fort Worth will help you get the most from your wood flooring investment.