Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring

Pre-finished Hardwood Floors

Pre-finished floors arrive at the site ready for installation with a variety of factory applied urethane finishes. Industry statistics bear out that pre-finished floors not only cost less to install but last longer than the typical site-finished floor.  In terms if ease of installation, the unfinished floor will require sanding. To discuss your choices, contact our Customer Care team. We are always ready to help clients make important decisions about their hardwood flooring solutions.

If you want to browse our collection of easy-to-install pre-finished hardwood flooring or prefer delivery of site-finished hardwood, our team is happy to show our inventories and help you decide the best solution.

Pre-finished Hardwood Floors

At Hardwood Floors Forth Worth, we maintain one of the largest inventories of pre-finished hardwood floors in the southwest. We heartily recommend these floors for their ease of installation, durability and extended life span. Indeed, some of our pre-finished hardwood floor providers offer 100 year, transferrable warranties. Amazing!

Consumers have two core choices for hardwood floors; pre-finished hardwood floors, also known as factory finished, or unfinished hardwood floors, also known as site-finished hardwood floors. While contractors sometimes opt for site-finished hardwood, only the most accomplished and experienced do-it-yourselfers may want to submit their flooring investment to an untested installer.

Advantages of Pre-finished Hardwood Floors

Our factory-finished hardwood floors arrive ready to install with as many as seven finished coats of uniformly applied urethane finish of your choice. Check these advantages of Pre-finished Hardwood Floors:

  • Urethane finishes are applied in an climate controlled environment
  • High-performance aluminum oxide may be applied as many as 7 times in the factory
  • Site-finished hardwood floors usually receive a maximum of three applications
  • The pre-finished hardwood floor process does not disturb the residential or commercial environment in terms of fumes or air quality
  • No on-site sanding is required at time of installation of pre-finished floors
  • Installation costs are significantly less than the installation costs of site-finished hardwood floors
  • Numerous studies demonstrate that pre-finished hardwood floors perform better over a longer period of time than site-finished or unfinished hardwood
  • If and when the floor ever needs re-finishing, the pre-finished floor can be re-sanded and re-sealed at that time.
  • Pre-finished floors are available in most hardwoods as well as in a large array of urethane finishes and colors.
  • No drying or curing time is necessary with pre-finished hardwood
  • No odors or dust compromise the office or home
  • Pre-finished floors are supported by the manufacturer’s guarantee against board defects
  • There is no need to relocate the family or pets during installation of pre-finished hardwood floors
  • Due to the efficiency of the finishing process, pre-finished hardwood floors actually use less wood than site-finished hardwood floors
  • Most pre-finished hardwood floors are twice as scratch-resistant as site finished floors
  • Most pre-finished hardwood floors are 4 times more abrasion resistant than site-finished floors

If you are considering hardwood floors, isn’t it time you learned about all your options? All Hardwood Floors Fort Worth clients are informed, knowledgeable buyers. Stop by our showroom or contact our Customer Care team to learn more about the right hardwood floor for your home or business and budget.

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Let our expert Customer Care professionals walk you through the decision making process. Usually the biggest concerns are protecting and preserving the investment for the longest time and ensuring the quality of the floor increases the value of the residence or office.

Today’s hardwood floors consumers have more choices than ever before. Be sure to make an informed buying decision. Visit our showroom for the information you need to make the best decision.