Hardwood Cleaning


Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Solid hardwood floors are noted for their striking appearance and for their durability. The best way to protect your investment and to derive the full value from that investment is to care for those floors with diligence.

At Hardwood Floors Fort Worth, we take hardwood floor maintenance seriously. If you have any maintenance questions regarding cleaning, refinishing, stripping or staining, we are the place to come for answers. Our Hardwood Floors Fort Worth showroom has everything you need, including “how to” videos.

Our Customer Care professionals are at the ready to answer each and every question you have about maintaining your floors. Contact us for the best advice and all the straight answers you want. We are truly here to serve.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Every hardwood floor maintenance protocol begins with ounces of prevention. For starters, follow these suggestions:

  • Recognize that the greatest risks are posed by dirt and grit that can scratch, dent and dull the hardwood floor.
  • Install floor mats to gather dirt and grit before it gets to the surface.
  • Standing water causes warping. When water is on the floor, wipe the spill.
  • Do not use oil soaps to clean hardwood floors. Defer to neutral pH cleaners instead.
  • Lift and place furniture. Never drag across the floor.
  • Use furniture canisters under furniture legs.
  • On hardwood floors avoid using the beater bars on your vacuum.
  • Protect the finish by shielding your hardwood floors from direct sun at peak hours. Close the curtains when possible.

If you have a concern, our Customer Care team is here to serve. Contact us before putting your hardwood floor at risk.

Regular Hardwood Floor Care

To ensure you are ready to maintain the floor promptly, keep these tools on hand:

  • Brooms with fine, exploded ends that can trap dust and grit
  • Vacuum with appropriate bare hardwood floor attachments
  • Dust mop with a 12 – 18 inch cotton head and no exposed metal edges
  • Remember to spray cleaners onto the mop head, not onto the floor
  • Clean or replace the mop head after use

Why Clean?

You have made a wise investment in your hardwood floors. Maintained properly they will add warmth, a distinctive feel and value to your residence or business. You owe it to yourself to care for this investment and to enjoy your floors for their full life.

To properly evaluate the condition of your hardwood floor, you must assess the condition of the finish separately from the condition of the wood.

Follow These Steps to Evaluate the Finish:

  • Is the finish damaged or worn or is it simply dirty?
  • Look for chips, dents, deep scratches and gouges.
  • To test the condition of the finish, begin in a high-traffic area.
  • Pour two tablespoons of water on the floor in this area.
  • If the water soaks in and creates dark spots, the finish is worn.
  • If the water soaks in after a bit of time and creates spotting, the finish is partially worn.
  • If the water beads on top, the seal is still intact.

Follow These Steps to Evaluate the Wood:

If the finish is worn, the chances are good that the wood is damaged. Check for new stains, chips, etc. If the wood is damaged and the budget allows, contact the Hardwood Floors Fort Worth Customer Care team to arrange an onsite assessment for hardwood floor refinishing.

Heavy Duty Cleaning

Periodic heavy duty hardwood floor deep cleaning is recommended to offer maximum protection and maximum enjoyment for your investment. There is a difference between cleaning the wood and cleaning the finish (see above).

Hardwood Floors Fort Worth does not recommend damp mopping your hardwood floors. If your finish is intact, damp mopping will not penetrate the sealer so you may create a bigger mess than previously existed.

Our professionals will prepare the floor and damp mop in accordance with industry standards for best results. Our deep cleaning team is meticulous.

After our assessment, we may recommend buffing the floor to restore the finish. This decision is generally guided by the type of wood and finish.

Staining can be a problem. Spills and stains will occasionally occur. Our team will pay special attention to unresolved spills and stains, even resorting to hand scraping and repairing if necessary. We will also be sure to apply the same finish as covers the rest the floor.

In many cases, we are able to silence those annoying squeaks. If you hear the squeak, contact Hardwood Floors Fort Worth to resolve the issue once and for all.