Hardwood Repair and Removal

Repair & Removal

Hardwood Floor Removal

With proper removal, hardwood floors can be reused, transplanted or recycled. The key to extending the floor’s life and usefulness is directly related to the expertise and experience of the craftsmen who dismantle the floor, board-by-board and prepare it for future use.

The craftsmen at Hardwood Floors Fort Worth understand the painstaking work required for this mission and fully appreciate that their efforts can preserve the floor’s value. If you are expanding your home, remodeling or simply wish to change your flooring, contact our Customer Care team to discuss your options and needs. We furnish straight answers and outstanding customer service.

The Removal Process

Hardwood floor removal is a task that requires know-how and patience. This is not a job for impatient do-it-yourselfers.

Hardwood floors are secured by a process known as “blind nailing.” To properly dismantle and remove the planks, one must understand how the floor was installed. Once the craftsman understands the installation technique, the floor is dismantled in the reverse order of the installation.

The technicians must pay close attention to respecting the integrity of the tongue and groove construction so the planks can be used and re-installed in the same manner. We start by identifying the last boards installed and working our way back to the core boards or the first two installed.

We use a flat pry bar, known in the trade as the “Wonder Bar.” The short portion of the Wonder Bar is driven under the nail and then gently rocks the tongue until the nail lifts about 1/.2 inch. Care must be given so as not to crack or break the groove.

If the floor is to be re-installed in another room, we recommend the boards be sanded and refinished once in place. This is a time-consuming process but if you love your hardwood floor, this is the way to go.

What our Technicians Know

Our technicians know we must first determine the direction of the tongue and groove hardwood so the process can be reversed in order.

  • The pry bar is critical to the success of the plank removal.
  • Boards must be pried with the exposed tongue. Locate the nails and lift gently or rock gently for best results.
  • Do not rush or try to lift more than one nail at a time.
  • When removing the planks, we are careful not to ding the tongue or groove. It is this care that allows the client to re-use the wood.

If you are considering removing your hardwood floor, contact our expert Customer Care team for information and pricing. Protect your investment! Contact us for more information.