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Why Hardwood Floors Are Great For Fort Worth Homes

Fort Worth homeowners, business owners, builders and renovators love their hardwood floors and related hardwood products. The recent surge in demand is evident in Fort Worth living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, kitchens and offices. Today, every new home and most existing Fort Worth homes along with upscale offices feature hardwood products. 

Aside from the natural elegance of hardwood, products have proven to be environmentally suitable and best of all add real, tangible value to your real estate. Hardwood products represent the best in construction and design, creating an undeniable and lasting impression.

Hardwood: Best of all Flooring Solutions

Don’t ask “why hardwood?” Instead, ask “why not hardwood” in Fort Worth homes?
Homeowners who install hardwood enjoy the durability, affordability and flexible design choices they simply cannot find with other products. Hardwood has surprising design flexibility in terms of creativity, color, grain, and finish.

Whatever the desired look, Fort Worth property owners find hardwood amazingly accommodative.

But, don’t forget the value of hardwood! Your Fort Worth realtor will attest to the salability of homes and commercial space with hardwood. Fort Worth homes with hardwood, sell quicker, easier and at higher values than homes that do not use hardwood.

Hardwood and Your Space

One of the fascinating characteristics of hardwood is that it seems to create spaciousness, even though the room dimensions do not change. Hardwood works well in large rooms like family rooms and conference rooms as well as in tighter spaces, like entryways.

There is no other flooring that brings such strong feelings of natural beauty, warmth, elegance and stability as do domestic or exotic hardwoods. Hardwood is not recommended for rooms that are below grade but most Fort Worth customers turn to engineered wood floors in those rooms.

But, there is nothing like hardwood to bring your Fort Worth renovation or new construction project to life. And, all this natural beauty is easy to maintain. A little bit of diligence will keep hardwood performing for years and years to come. Low maintenance has great appeal to Fort Worth homeowners.

With so many domestic and exotic hardwoods and with so many different new finishes on the market, it is always recommended that homeowners and business owners consult with either a professional designer or a hardwood expert prior to finalizing flooring decisions. These professionals can help maximize the value of your hardwood investment.

Importance of Choosing the Right Hardwood

There is a hardwood product for every new project. What Fort Worth consumers like is the amazing diversity and appearance of hardwoods. Many Fort Worth buyers are surprised to find that domestic hardwoods have excellent ratings with environmentalists. That’s because the industry is diligent and has implemented a number of technology-driven practices to increase and ensure the sustainability of domestic hardwoods.

New harvesting regulations, manufacturing protocols, shipping solutions and finish improvements have helped make domestic hardwoods and finishes more environmentally-friendly than certain exotic hardwoods.

In most cases, exotic hardwoods are a bit more expensive than domestic hardwoods simply due to availability and shipping, but Brazilian Cherry, tigerwood and lapacho are three very popular exotic hardwoods being used in Fort Worth homes. When choosing exotic hardwoods, it is important to be familiar with distinctive qualities such as color, grade and surface characteristics.

All solid hardwood floors are 100% natural wood. The variety is phenomenal, including wide board hardwood and rustic barn hardwood options. With over 1,000 species of wood being used for wood flooring and other wood products, finding the exact hardwood solution can be challenging for the uniformed buyer.

The beauty of hardwood is timeless, which is just about the product’s lifespan. As Forth Worth residential and commercial consumers realize, hardwood is one of the best, longest lasting investments with the highest rate of return of all flooring options. Throw in the natural beauty and mesmerizing allure of hardwood floors and you know why Fort Worth loves their hardwood.