Site Finished vs. Pre-Finished Hardwoods

Pros And Cons: Prefinished vs. Site Finished Hardwood

If you have shopped for hardwood floors, you have probably debated the pros and cons of pre-finished hardwood floors vs. site finished hardwood floors. It’s a legitimate debate. Both types of hardwood floors have merit so the real question is which solution is better for your site and which meets your personal preferences. 

Here are a few observations that might influence your decision:

  • The upfront cost of site finished floors is generally less than pre-finished hardwood floors
  • Pre-finished hardwood reduces installation time
  • Pre-finished hardwood floors require less skill to install and finish
  • There is no odor associated with installation of pre-finished hardwood
  • Pre-finished floors are more convenient
  • With site finished hardwood, the manufacturer’s warranty only covers the work performed by the manufacturer, not by subcontractors.

These factors should be considered when choosing between pre-finished hardwood and site finished hardwood floors. However, knowledgeable customer service representatives like our staff at Hardwood Floors Fort Worth recognize the benefits of site finished hardwood floors and stand ready to offer their advice.

Customization Allowed with Site Finished Hardwood

Experts salute site finished hardwood for several specific reasons, foremost of which is the ability to customize the floor to the home and the surroundings. It takes a skilled workforce to install and site finish hardwood floors. But, the buyer who wants to maximize the natural beauty of hardwood will enjoy having experienced installers and hardwood finishers customize the wood to accommodate the environment for years to come.

A disadvantage of pre-finished is that the colors and finishes in the floor could be discontinued by the time hardwood floor needs repair. But, with site finished hardwood floors, the surface, borders, herringbone, inlays and other custom features can be tailor made. In most cases, site finished hardwood ends up looking and feeling warmer than pre-finished floors.

When considering pre-finished and site finished, be sure to consider the hardwood’s natural “beauty and benefits” and measure how important those elements are to you.

Site Finished for Kitchen Hardwood Floors

Few industry experts would recommend pre-finished over site finished for hardwood kitchen floors.

There’s more than artistry to consider when installing hardwood kitchen floors. When hardwood is site finished, a seamless, consistent surface is ensured. The gaps between hardwood planks are known as bevels and microbevels, two miniscule gaps that seem to attract liquids, cleaning products and/or food into and beneath the surface.

With site finished hardwood floors, these bevels and microbevels are eliminated meaning that neither liquid nor food spills slip between the planks and create odors or damage to the wood. If cleanliness counts, site finished hardwood floors for the kitchen is probably the right choice.

Pre-finished Hardwood Pros

The durable finishes of pre-finished hardwood allow for easy installation on a broad number of subfloors. This flexibility is not assured with site finished hardwood flooring. Additionally, pre-finished hardwood can be installed in just about any climate because pre-finished hardwood has proven to be more resistant to moisture and humidity than site finished hardwood.

This adaptability explains why pre-finished hardwood floors are the choice for floors that are below grade and where the room is prone to moisture. In these conditions, pre-finished hardwood floors are more versatile than site finished hardwood.

Experts report that when hardwood is pre-finished, it can receive multiple coats of finish that are uniformly applied in the factory.  This makes for a finished surface that is difficult to achieve with site finished floors. Perhaps the greatest benefit of pre-finished hardwood floors is that they can be installed on a wide number of subfloors because the finish work need not be completed on site.

It truly is thrilling to see those planks arrive finished and ready to install. You know what you are buying and what the final look will be. This makes it important to work closely with the customer service department at Hardwood Floors Fort Worth. Our reps will take the time to show all the finishes available in the hardwood of your choosing.

And, if you choose a site finished hardwood floor, we’ll put you in touch with the best hardwood floor finishers in Fort Worth. We want all our clients to enjoy their hardwood floor for its full life and we offer exert advice about which solution, site finished or pre-finished hardwood, will achieve your goals.